The account icon will allow you to view and edit many different settings for your account. You can also log out of the account itself here.



Under the notifications option, you can view all courses and activities. You can also choose if you would like to receive notifications about courses or specific assignments.


The Profile section allows you to edit your profile picture which will be displayed to your instructor and classmates.


All files are stored in this area. This includes files from courses, files that are uploaded by the student, as well as all profile pictures and conversation attachments.


Within the settings, you are able to view the display name and email address used for courses. If this needs to be changed, please reach out to the Registrar's office at 870-972-2031. This section will also show maintenace date information with release notes.

WebServices- Canvas can make your life a lot easier by tying itself in with the web tools you already use.

Approved Integrations-Some third party integrations have been autorized to use by the university. The ones approved should show within this section.

Feature Options- There might be some features of Canvas with can be turned off and on, here is where you can view those options.


ePortfolios are a place where you can display and idscuss the significatn sumission and experiences that are happening durring your learning process. You can use an eProtfolio to:

  • Display the papers your proud of for more than just your instructor to see
  • Talk about all the thought and work that wen tinto your class sumnissins
  • Gather an overview of your educational experice as a whole
  • Share your work with friedns, furture emplyers, etc.

ePortfolios can be public for everyone to see, or private so only tose you allow can see, and you can change that setting at any time.

To create an ePortfolio, navigate to this are within the Canvas account area. You can then selct the option to Create an ePortfolio.


Shared Content

If other users have shared content with you, then you will be able to view that content in this section. If you do not have any content shared with you yet, the message below should display.



QR for Mobile Login

All users are able to log into Canvas mobile applications using a QR code which can be found in this area of the canvas account settings. You will first be shown the message below and then a QR code will display. The QR code can then be scanned in the Canvas mobile application to sign into your account.


Global Announcements

If any major announcements are made by Canvas, they can be viewed here.


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