VPN access and issues, Firewall rules, etc

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I am having trouble setting up Duo Mobile, updating my device or I am locked out.

Duo Dual Enrollment

If you are active on more than one A-State campus and needing your Duo phone number enrolled on both accounts

Phishing Emails

If you have received an email that you are not sure of and would like the security team to analyze.

Security Alerts

If you need assistance signing up for security alerts

VPN Access

If you are needing assistance requesting access or downloading VPN.

International VPN Access Request

If you are planning to travel to a country outside of the United States you will need to fill out this form to be given access for each trip. If you travel often internationally, you will need to request access for each trip that would require you to need VPN.

Please be aware just because this form is filled out that does not guarantee access will be given.