Popular Services

If you are having trouble logging into my.Astate Portal or questions about the portal.

If you do not see the category that you need feel free to use this option to request assistance.

If you are an employee and are needing Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you are active on more than one A-State campus and needing your Duo phone number enrolled on both accounts

Please complete this online form to request data from the Office of Institutional Research.

If you are living On-Campus and experience an issue with access control.

For issues connecting to the wired or wireless network in the Residence Halls. Please include as much information as possible to help us identify the issue.

If you need a new A-State university desk phone or are having issues with your phone or voicemail PIN.

If you're having trouble with door access all around campus.

If you are needing assistance requesting access or downloading VPN.

If you are having issues with your A-State University owned computer please fill out a detailed ticket so we can better assist.

If you are needing an A/V request fulfilled or a project quoted.

If you are planning to travel to a country outside of the United States you will need to fill out this form to be given access for each trip. If you travel often internationally, you will need to request access for each trip that would require you to need VPN.

Please be aware just because this form is filled out that does not guarantee access will be given.

For any communication service that would need to be performed for the department including network drops, cable drops etc.

If you need to have a new A-State University computer set up with a technician.

If you can't locate an A-State file share and need assistance.

Retrieve your ID number and PIN for access to Self-Service (former and current students and employees). https://webapps.astate.edu/digitalid/campusid.htm

If you are a student who is needing assistance setting up your email on a device.

If employees/departments need to create a shared email account.

If you are needing assistance with our A-State, WordPress or any custom application.

If you an employee who is having trouble accessing TimeClock Plus please let us know.

If you are having trouble getting logged into Blackboard or the Blackboard app.

If you are needing assistance with Kaltura

All currently enrolled students of Arkansas State University have access to a free Microsoft Office subscription during their time at A-State. .This subscription has to be renewed every year while a student is actively enrolled at A-State. If you have trouble getting this software installed please let us know.